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3 Tips For More Music in Everyday (Family) Life

June 29th, 2021|0 Comments

Musicality is within us and unfolds if we only have enough contact with it. With musicality it is like with the first language we speak. No one would think of explaining the grammar of his or her mother tongue to a toddler or having him or her learn words by heart.

Music & Bonds

May 31st, 2021|0 Comments

Music calms, music stimulates and music connects. The sense of hearing is the first sense to be developed in the womb. The voices of parents and siblings convey a sense of security and the mother's heartbeat is the rhythm of the beginning of life. These sounds also promote our development, especially the development of the brain.

Listening to children properly

May 17th, 2021|0 Comments

Most parents do think about how they (want to) talk to their children, but hardly any of them think about how they listen to their children. And in doing so, we often forget to give children what we naturally demand of them: "Listen to me." Because we know that no matter how good we are at talking, without listening there will be no successful communication, understanding, or comprehension.

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