Self-management Part 6 – Capture & Create with the Junking Weekly and Daily Schedule

Latest Posts  •  September 29, 2020

In previous blog posts on the topic of self-management, we have created our Wheel of Life, identified our time targets and formulated our categories of improvement . Now it’s time to take the next step and create our RPM plan. For this purpose, I provide you with a template that you are welcome to copy.

I digitally create my RPM plan with my iPad and always use the same procedure.


In order to not lose any ideas or thoughts, you have to capture them.

I use two media sources that I have quickly at hand: the voice memo function of my smartphone and a note-taking software to which I have access via a short cut. With this, I can quickly capture my thoughts and then continue with my actual work. I don’t burden my brain with having to memorize something and I can immediately return to my routine and pick up those saved thoughts whenever they are needed.

Of course, there are many ways to not forget things, even if you don’t have a smartphone or a pen and paper with you. I describe these methods in my book Unleash the Secret of Education and learn how to raise a happy child. But to keep my thoughts flowing, I prefer to write down good ideas and thoughts.

Create – Building RPM Blocks

On the weekends, I like to sit down and put all my ideas and thoughts together.

I try to figure out which of the thoughts belong together and how they help me achieve my goals:

  • I take a look at my areas of improvement and formulate my goal for the coming week.
  • I then go through the list of my ideas, concepts and thoughts and form small blocks (junks) of thoughts that belong or fit together.

In other words: I write down my desired result (RPM) – I have already found my reason and my purpose (RPM) for this – and now I create my Massive Action List (RPM) as a junk (block) from many thoughts and ideas using my Capture List.

Del – To whom can I delegate what?

Dur – How much time is needed

Pri – Which priority does this action have?

In addition to the action itself (Massive Action Plan), I write down the purpose and the result in order to keep my motivation in mind.

The Weekly Schedule

To support my projects visually, I frame all my blocks. This way, the individual points have a less oppressive effect. 30 aspects may be combined to only ten blocks that need to be done.  

To become even more effective and efficient, there are three additional measures:

1. Set Priorities (Pri)

The action that definitely has to be completed is marked with 1. The action with the next higher priority gets the number 2 and so on. All actions are numbered according to my priority. With this, the actions with the highest priority are always completed within the week. If you don’t manage certain actions, you can take them over to the next week. This way you always have the most important things done.

2. Duration (Dur)

For better time management and a daily schedule, it is important to consider and note how long you will need for each action.

3. Delegation (Del)

Some things can be delegated to someone else and by this, you gain a lot of time. You don’t have to do everything alone, especially not if you have children. You can get them involved at a very early stage and they will enjoy doing this. Later on, you will have created a great home team. At work, it is also important to delegate and distribute tasks. I also apply Maria Montessori’s motto “Help me to do it myself” at work.

Daily Schedule 

For a successful organization, I divide my weekly schedule into even smaller units. Every evening, I look at my weekly schedule and decide what to do the next day. In order to achieve this better, I form more blocks. Here, it is important to consider how much time I will need for these individual tasks and actions. A lot of very important things can be done much faster than you think and you have a lot more free time than you initially thought.


RPM has definitely improved my life and above all, it has given me a lot of peace and calmness because I know that I won’t forget anything anymore. And with structured weekly and daily plans, I am more efficient and relaxed.

Now all you have to do is go to work and make RPM a routine.

Good luck!

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