5 reasons why drum lessons are good for you

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There are so many great reasons to take drum lessons, for both, children and adults. Like with other instruments, it’s about more than learning music – it’s about life skills and well being. Drumming boosts our brain power, team building and leadership skills. It’s a stress reliever and an energizer. It makes us happy, boosts our self-esteem and immune system.

If you’re on the fence about taking drumming lessons, let us show you what the research says.

5 reasons why drumming is good for you:

1. Makes us happy

Drumming releases endorphins and Alpha waves in the brain. Both are associated with feelings of well-being and euphoria. Have you heard about a “runner’s high?” – drumming can induce the same natural “high.” (http://drumsofhumanity.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/Immune-System-Study.pdf)

2. Creates a sense of connectedness

Drumming triggers a spirit of community. Again, it’s endorphins that trigger this feeling of connectedness. When we’re drumming in a group of band we also focus on others and coordinate our parts which makes us better team players. As a drummer, you’ll have lots of opportunities to meet new and interesting people. After all, drums are essential in almost any genre of music.

3. Reduces stress

Drumming can alleviate anxiety, stress, and depression. Remember, drumming releases endorphins and Alpha waves in the brain, and when Beta waves are taken over by Alpha waves, we feel calm and relaxed. Drumming also synchronizes the brain’s left and right hemispheres, which interrupts the racing thought patterns generally associated with anxiety and depression. So next time you’re feeling down, grab your sticks and drum out your feelings.

4. Boosts brain power

Drumming makes you smarter. Just picture your brain when it tries to coordinate all four limbs to work together and keep a steady beat – what a great workout! Apparently, using all the various parts of a drum kit is an expression of intrinsic problem-solving abilities. (https://news.stanford.edu/news/2006/may31/brainwave-053106.html). Drumming also increases our attention span, enhances nonverbal and verbal communication and math skills. (All that counting is paying off after all!)

5. Keeps you fit

Drumming burns up your calories. Research suggests that drumming is as challenging to the body as playing football – if played at a vigorous intensity for a prolonged period (https://clemburkedrummingproject.org/scientific-publications/). It’s more than an upper body workout; drummers use their whole body to produce the beat.

If you or your child enjoys music and you would like to tap into all these other great benefits of drumming – contact Modern Music School and ask about our individual and group lessons.

Drumming is a powerful way to give your brain and body a full (neurological) workout!

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  1. Anna Collins November 19, 2022 at 3:52 am - Reply

    It was quite interesting when you told us that drumming can make us smarter since the brain tries to coordinate four limbs to work together to create a steady beat. My son loves listening to music, and it’s only recently that he started taking an interest in drumming. I’ll have to help him find a good music school nearby where he can get private drum lessons soon.

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