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7 Things You Need To Know Before Starting Music Lessons


Authors: Hans-Peter Becker
Language: English, 44 pages, Paperback
ISBN: 978-3-940903-15-0

To practice a profession that involves direct contact with others, people in most cases must meet high requirements in the form of examinations or licenses. This is however not the case for teaching music.

Anyone who has mastery of an instrument, whether at a professional level or even at a very low level, can give music lessons. In most cases, music instructors lack any kind of pedagogic or didactic know-how. And this has fatal consequences.

Statistics show that among Westerners the number of people who actively play a musical instrument is less than 10 % – in most cases between 7 % and 9 %. The reason is the perception among most people that they are not musical – as a result of what they have been told by their instructors and their lack of success.

“I am not musical.”
“I have no talent.”
“I have to practice too much.”
“I don’t see any progress.”

… these are all commonly heard statements.

To have a positive experience, whether for oneself or for one’s children, everyone should make an informed decision when choosing a music instructor or a music school.

The information in this book helps people do just that.

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