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Unleash The Secret Of Education And Learn How To Raise A Happy Child


Author: Hans-Peter Becker
Language: English, 160 pages, Paperback
ISBN: 978-3-940903-14-3

More and more kids have a hard time finding jobs after finishing school. A bachelor degree is not sufficient, even a masters degree doesn’t get you the job you may desire. The competition is getting harder and harder.

If learning was more effortless, your child‘s education could take a dramatic turn for the better. While gaining self confidence your child would become a happy self-motivated learner.

Would this be of interest for you?

What if

– you could support your child on the highest level in the most important 6 years of his or her life
– you could better understand the educational needs of your growing child
– you could keep up the motivation of your child on a continuous level
– you could memorize names and dates instantly
– you could read 2 times faster in 20 minutes
– you could find out that you can learn any skill you want, no matter how old you are

Hans-Peter Becker, founder of an internationally operated music school, lecturer, author and father, with 25 years experience in education and teaching, will show you there are many false belief systems when it comes to education, learning, intelligence and personal development.

Examples from the field of music education can apply to all areas of learning and can bridge the gap to great opportunities and potential.

In a few hours after reading this book, you can make a dramatic shift in your life. With this knowledge, you will re-evaluate your beliefs about your current education status and intelligence, and will help your child gain incredible self confidence.

The only thing you have to do, is read the book and act on it.

It’s that simple.

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