5 things that make great (music)teachers stand out

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When it comes to learning, teachers are the single most powerful driver of student performance. The importance of great teachers can’t be underestimated – we all can name a teacher who stands out in our memory because they were particularly engaging, encouraging or inspiring.

At Modern Music School, we accept this challenge. We’re committed to showing our students how to truly enjoy music and learning.

Here are the 5 Things that make great (music)teachers stand out

1. It’s About Passion

The first thing that makes great teachers stand out is their passion. At Modern Music School, the coaches are passionate about music, of course. They love conveying this passion to their students and by doing so ignite their curiosity and give them confidence in their own abilities. With their stories, advice and insider news they generate enthusiasm and bring out the best in their students.

But their passion doesn’t end there. As highly educated music coaches, they’re passionate about learning itself and love to create learning experiences that help students excel.

2. It’s About Relationships

A positive teacher-student relationship is one in which students can open up to learning and develop a genuine desire to learn.

Our students love us because we always make time for a chat. We love to learn about their interests, goals and desires, and make sure they receive the guidance and encouragement they need to succeed. We keep criticism constructive and to a minimum – after all, everybody wants to be respected, seen, and listened to.

3. It’s about Motivation

Great teachers know how to motivate their students. At Modern Music School, we love to create a fun and relaxed environment where our students get to choose the songs and music they want to play. We know that the trick is not to GET students motivated (extrinsic motivation) but to use what already motivates them (intrinsic motivation). The most learning happens when students enjoy what they’re doing.

4. It’s About Teaching Life Skills

Education should never be solely about making us better at something, and music education is no exception. Modern Music School coaches teach their students music and to play an instrument, but they do so much more than that. They also use music to foster healthy relationships, creativity, communications skills and self-esteem. Study after study shows that music helps develop cognitive abilities, concentration and social skills. We know this and love watching it unfold in our students.

5. It’s All About Having Fun

Fun with a purpose promotes learning. When learning becomes fun, it comes to us naturally and can become meaningful and long lasting.

Our coaches take their passion to make learning fun. This brings us full circle, when you have passion, you make hard work fun!

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