6 Reasons To Start Playing The Piano Right Away

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There are many reasons we get excited about playing the piano. A piano has an impressive sound and it is incredibly versatile. The piano is certainly not the first instrument that comes to our mind when we think of rock and pop. Yet it plays a crucial role in many of the "classics" of this genre. But well, I am biased, because music is simply an important part of my life. But I also have a few reasons up my sleeve that will convince even musicophobes of the benefits of playing the piano.

Feeling music – how deaf people perceive music and what it can actually do

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Spontaneously, we associate music with the sense of hearing. At the same time, we can also experience music with other senses. We are trying to make use of this in our early musical education. In our lessons, children should perceive music holistically, they should not only hear it but also feel it. And of course deaf people can also perceive, experience and make music. They can feel the music and concentrate on the vibrations. Because music doesn't just land in our auditory canal, it flows through our body and triggers certain emotions.

Language Promotion Through Music

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Music and speech have a lot in common. Characteristics such as pitch, tempo, intonation and timbre play an equally important role in speaking and in making music. In fact, musical and linguistic stimuli are even processed in the same regions of the brain. And on top of that, children develop the ability to sing and speak at the same time. It's no wonder that musical language development is used so successfully. But how exactly does language promotion through music work?

The Listening Therapy

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Sounds, tones and rhythms can soothe us, touch us, give us goose bumps or awaken our urge to move. Hearing has different and varied effects on our body and soul. The listening therapy according to Dr. Tomatis is even said to help with problems such as concentration and learning difficulties and is used to support therapies and rehabilitation.

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