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Latest Posts  •  June 5, 2017

If you’ve been given the gift to be a musician, you’re very lucky!

Music has the power to transform and touch other people, and, through their songs, many “rock-stars” have done just that.

They gave us anthems that inspire us, and songs that never fail to make us happy!

Many skilled artists set out to pursue a career as professional musicians. They dream of playing in front of live audiences, travelling the world, and living in extravagant fame and wealth. I may have exaggerated a little bit ? but becoming a “pro musician” seems to be the natural choice when it comes to turning a passion for music into a “money making” career.

But luckily for us, there are many brilliant musicians who realize that there’s another, perhaps even more fulfilling and important way of sharing their passion: becoming a music teacher.

At a recent education meeting in Dubai, I met with a very inspirational person. He’s been a professional musician for most of his life before he dedicated himself completely to music education. Something he said really struck me as an important insight. “I reached a point” he said “when I realized that I didn’t need another drunk person, coming up after a show and telling me that they liked my solo. But having a parent tell me ‘thank you for what you did for my child’ that really means the world to me”.

The United States celebrated National Teacher’s Appreciation in May. And since I’m surrounded by so many wonderful teachers, I happily jump at every opportunity to celebrate them – no matter where they are.

Modern Music School coaches around the world are doing a magnificent job in introducing students to the beauty of music making.

They nurture their students’ growth and ideally build strengths that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. Sebastian Quirmbach, Modern Music Schools International Education Director – who, by the way, I also want to hear this – sums it up nicely when he says “Learning music is learning life skills.”

At Modern Music School, music teachers do so much more than just teaching an instrument. They’re giving students the opportunities to build strengths, develop confidence, feel a sense of belonging and live up to their teacher’s expectations.

They teach them to work in groups, negotiate, share, self-advocate and make decisions. To dare to make mistakes and learn from them. To try new things and discover new skills.

So I think every day is a good day to celebrate the impact of music, and of the Modern Music School teachers around the world.

(And the impact of Sebastian, of course, who coaches and advises the Modern Music School teachers as they continue to grow as musicians and music coaches.)

Here’s to all our amazing Modern Music School coaches!

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