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“Exams for Rock & Pop musicians? What’s up with that?” you might ask. And we understand.

“Not for us!” was our thinking for many years but now we’ve come full circle. Now, we view these exams as a great opportunity for our students to experience a sense of joy, pride and self-confidence.

I’ve written about Trinity Pop and Rock exams before, here, and would encourage you to read it if the thought of exams triggers feelings of stress, anxiety and fear in you.

Trinity Rock & Pop Exams are different. Take Lucas (12) who passed his first Trinity Rock and Pop exam in November 2017. See what he has to say about it in this video:

Trinity-Promotion Lucas from Modern Music School on Vimeo.

We’re sure that his experience will give him strength and confidence and helps him approach future challenges with strength and optimism.

And the same goes for you!

Register now for your exam on June 1st or 2nd in Aschaffenburg, Germany.

With a great selection of songs and empathetic examiners, Trinity Exams creates moments of success, joy, and pride for thousands of students in 9 difficulty levels. For each exam, students choose three songs from one of the difficulty levels — the songs range from Abba to Ramones, to Muse and Iron Maiden. In the exam, students play or sing these songs in a friendly and protected environment and receive professional and constructive feedback, and, in most cases, the Trinity College’s official certificate.

Our team of Modern Music School coaches prepares our students for the exam situation not only musically, but also emotionally, so they can safely rock their songs with joy and confidence.

I’m convinced that this kind of achievement will foster our students musical and personal development alike.

Contact us if you have questions.

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