Soft Skills – How music lessons prepare you for the future

Latest Posts  •   November 6, 2019

With employers, the most in-demand skills are soft-skills. When hiring, employers and companies consider soft skills a more important attribute in job applicants than hard skills – specific job-related knowledge.

Soft skills include communication skills, creativity, solution-oriented thinking, organizational skills, reliability, motivation and self-reflection – all important attributes for organizations in an increasingly competitive world. While these skills play a huge role in determining our chances for success, traditional education does very little to promote them. Schools still value the academic skills students acquire.

The good news is there are ways to help kids develop – and adults to maintain – these skills.

The best way is to provide opportunities for practice. Through experience with personal feedback, group interactions, decision-making and working together towards common goals – everybody can learn to improve their soft skills.  At Modern Music School we’ve created a band lesson program to provide these opportunities. Band lessons increase students’ interaction with each other. They provide students with opportunities to practice communication and teamwork skills. Effective communication, tolerance, collaboration and the ability to take criticism are at the core of every band’s interaction.

I’ve previously written about How band lessons make your child happier, more cooperative and well-adjusted. The article addresses the exact same soft skills and demonstrates how Modern Music School students improve their motivation, creativity, fairness, team play, self-expression and confidence through band lessons. We are convinced that practicing your soft skills in music lessons will give you an edge in school and at the workplace.

Employers know what to look for and understand that the skills you picked up on your instrument will spill over into other areas of your life. Make music lessons part of your CV!

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