Self-Management Part 3 – Categories of Improvement – Categories in which we want to improve

Latest Posts  •  May 14, 2020

We have created our Wheel of Life in Self-Management Part 1 and we have realized which areas of life we need to work on. This time, we are going to concentrate on the individual areas of the Wheel of Life that we want to improve.

Develop Categories of Improvement from the Wheel of Life

By working with the Wheel of Life, we have realized which areas of our lives are not ideal yet. We can roughly divide the areas of the Wheel of Life into two categories: job-related and private. We can now divide these categories into any number of subcategories. You should create at least five subcategories for each category in order to improve certain areas in the Wheel of Life. However, you can also create more subcategories if you want to. To find your subcategories, you can proceed as follows:

Let’s assume that especially the areas of job & career, finances, personal growth and health do not satisfy you. First, think about which things you really want to improve in your private as well as your professional life. Take your time and write down every aspect.

Your notes could look like this:

To find your most important aspects, just brainstorm! And don’t think: I won’t achieve any of it. Just write down everything that comes to your mind and don’t limit yourself by your past experiences. 

How you can specifically implement each and every individual point and achieve your goals will be discussed in a later blog post.

One more tip on motivation: What would make you extremely happy about being really good at one of these aspects and spending a lot of time doing it?

Important: While working on the areas that we want to improve, we are not allowed to neglect those areas where things are already going well. You always have to work on and improve in every area.

Positive Language for a Strong Motivation 

Once you have written down your categories, you can use the individual points for better motivation. Not everyone enjoys dealing with finances or healthy nutrition. But with the power of language, we can put things in a positive light. After all, language creates our reality. A single word can change the meaning of a sentence. Sentences such as ‘You are extraordinary’ or ‘You are great’ sound much better than a simple ‘You are good’.

So in the next step, take each of your points and formulate it as a positive role, as the role you need to take on to become better in this specific category: In the finance category, you become the treasurer or producer of wealth; in the sports category, you become the energy monster or Adonis.

Be creative! It makes it better if you can laugh about it and it will definitely not get out of your head. Your role concept has to motivate you to actively work on this category.

Finding time for what really matters 

You’re probably asking yourself how you can improve in those categories in a timely manner. You already know from the Time Targets in the last blog post that you should spend less time in the areas that are not as important. If you keep this in mind, you will automatically find more time for the important things. More ways to make the best use of your time will be explained soon. It is really not difficult.

In the following posts, we will work a lot on those areas where we are not as successful yet.

Next time, I will explain how you set your goals and how you measure where exactly you stand while achieving your goals. Because: You can only really manage what you regularly measure, check and if necessary readjust in order to achieve real progress.

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